“Dragonfly Garden” plan

This is an illustrative plan of the “Dragonfly Garden” which consists of a pavilion, earthworks, and planting beds. Situated on a hillside, The "Dragonfly Garden" is the entry to the Longfellow Creek watershed. A pavilion inspired by this ancient insect appears to fly through a grove of trees and offers vistas of the watershed’s rolling topography. Wing-shaped earthworks and gardens offer a mosaic of droughttolerant plants. As part of Seattle’s Millennium Project and Urban Creeks Legacy, this 5-acre creek restoration provides improved fish passage, drainage, and habitat. It also offers a sequence of outdoor rooms that allows people to discover the creek environment while protecting wildlife habitat. Both the “Salmon Bone Bridge” and “Dragonfly Garden” are inspired by the species that inhabit the site and illuminate the wonders of the watershed.