“The Knoll”, first of 5 garden rooms

This is a detail view of “The Knoll” which is the first of five garden rooms within “Waterworks Gardens”. “The Knoll” is the entry to the site and is located high on a hill. A colonnade of basalt columns, a grate-covered channel, flowing paving patterns, and plantings lead one to an overlook to view the first stormwater treatment pond and the wetland beyond. “Waterworks Gardens” is an environmental artwork and earth/water sculpture located on the northern border of a water reclamation plant. The project naturally treats stormwater, enhances an on-site wetland, provides five garden rooms, and creates eight acres of new open space for public use. The progression of five garden rooms engages the visitor on an intimate scale and follows the story of the water’s cycle: impure, working, mysterious, beautiful, and life-sustaining.