Pre-existing Conditions

The Longfellow Creek Habitat Improvement Project is an urban creek restoration in West Seattle. This is part of a larger effort to restore and protect Seattle’s creeks as backyard natural resources. As part of the City of Seattle’s Millennium Project and Urban Creeks Legacy, the site is designed to: 1) improve drainage in the Longfellow Creek Watershed; 2) restore wildlife and fish habitat, and 3) provide a place to connect the community with their environment. The project is a cooperative effort of Seattle Public Utilities, the Seattle Arts Commission, the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, and the Mayor’s office. The art project includes earthworks, waterwise gardens, overlooks, bridges and a pavilion. These are situated to allow people to discover the creek’s environment while maintaining protection of wildlife habitat. The restored watershed at Yancy will serve as an outdoor classroom that illuminates the wonders of the urban creek habitat. It will also allow people to learn about bringing salmon back to the city, waterwise gardening and other sustainable strategies.