Concept Design Diagram and Narrative

“Winslow Illuminated” captures the poetic interplay of water, light, and gardens that define Bainbridge. Water surrounds the island and carves its interior landscape. Light plays upon the water—reflected in limpid pools and fractured in cascading streams. Rain supports the island’s verdant growth choreographed into gardens by the island’s inhabitants. An environmental art sequence by Lorna Jordan Studio responds to these qualities through a series of tableaux and tributaries weaving threads of water, light, and gardens in and around the streetscape. This sequence responds to the terrain with its rolling topography along the east/west axis of Winslow Way and the general downward slope through Waterfront Park towards Eagle Harbor. The artworks’ names are double entendres. On one level, they suggest items found within shops along many main streets: sheets, springs, mirrors, veils, chains, and ladders. However, the names also suggest poetic expressions of water, light, and gardens. The flow of people in and around this experiential art sequence completes the work.