Café/Plaza features “Water as Performer”

This image shows an outdoor room with café and plaza surrounded by a biofiltration system that collects and treats stormwater from surrounding streets. Using thoroughfares and gathering places as metaphoric urban streams with flows and eddies, “Westlake Gardens: Urban Watershed as Urban Flow” applies a new typology of the street as urban watershed—demonstrating poetic and functional ways to capture, reveal, use, and reuse water. A promenade and sequence of outdoor rooms support a variety of activities. “Westlake Gardens: Urban Watershed as Urban Flow” highlights the hybrid and changing nature of Seattle’s urban landscape by expressing the performative aspect of social and ecological processes. A layering of multiple urban flows yields a beautiful infrastructure of streets, water, parks, lights, and people, all spilling down to Lake Union. The project weaves together local influences of watershed ecosystems, sustainable technologies, and culture to yield a richly layered place responsive to Seattle’s unique topography, weather, and water bodies.