Garden Folly #3: “Spectacle”

Within “The Pull: Wild Gardens at Paerdegat”, five garden follies serve as metaphors for the battle between the cultivated landscape and the natural succession patterns of nature untamed. “Spectacle” is reminiscent of historical green theaters; a semi-circular amphitheater is planted with red-barked and yellow-barked dogwoods along a series of stepped arcs. In reference to the notion of spectacle, the stately dogwoods observe a gradual “survival of the fittest” enacted by vines on a mesh screen. At the bottom of the amphitheater, a stormwater stream is collected into a pool. “The Pull: Wild Gardens at Paerdegat” addresses the rejuvenation and ecological enhancement of the polluted waters, shoreline, and uplands of Paerdegat Basin in Brooklyn NY. A steel overlook shaped like a magnet stands at the head of the basin to “pull” the forces of nature back into the city. The overlook, plantings, grading, shoreline, and garden spaces express the dynamic forces activated when the “magnet” swept over the site.