“Broward County’s Water”

This graphic shows water as a major presence in Broward County: the crashing surf of the ocean to the east; the oozing of the canals, waterways and storm- and wastewater systems throughout; the silence of the underground rivers and aquifers, and the bubbling of the springs and upwellings that bring them to light; the planar flow of the Everglades to the west; and the storms with the splatter of rains and thunderous downpours that fund the whole system. The Art Plan recommends projects that consider water within greenways, parks, habitats, and cities. The “Theater of Regeneration” Art Plan is part of a $400 million bond issue that pertains to conservation land, green space, open space, and parks. The Art Plan conceptualizes, locates, and links a series of environmental art projects that become both stage set and player in the unfolding drama of landscape ecology.