“Loop Network Diagram”

This is a concept diagram of the loops within “A Theater of Regeneration". The loops are pathways and process-based connections and the lenses are jewel-like artworks, performances, and activities. The Art Plan is part of a $400 million bond issue which aims to: (1) preserve and reclaim approximately 1,425 acres of conservation land, green space and open space and (2) repair and enhance the County’s aging park system. The Art Plan conceptualizes, locates, and links a series of environmental art projects that become both stage set and player in the unfolding drama of landscape ecology. Focusing on the story of water from everglades to ocean, the projects weave together three themes: layers of meaning, loops of physical and process-based connections, and lenses of jewel-like artworks, performances, and activities. The drama and dynamics set in motion by this interplay will yield “A Theater of Regeneration”.