Heron Blind & Bridge

"Heron Blind & Bridge" is part of an environmental art sequence integrated into the Ventura Harbor Wetlands Ecological Reserve. This presentation board shows how the artwork improves habitat, connect people to the water in and around the site, and reveals the links between human building techniques and animal architecture. The artwork allows people to view the diverse species of birds at the site. A bridge spans a channel, providing shelter and a concealed vantage point. Past the bridge, a pathway leads to a camouflaged viewing pavilion rising inconspicuously out of the surrounding landscape. This artwork is part of “Cinematic Frames & Progressions”—an Art Vision Plan that recommends outdoor rooms, viewing platforms, pathways, and habitat enhancement for a 40-acre ecological reserve. Conceived as cinematic frames and progressions in the landscape, an environmental art sequence is focused on the integration of ecology, placemaking, and aesthetics.