Cinematic Frames and Progressions

This Vision Plan graphic illustrates the dynamic natural processes, serene landscapes and visitor experiences on the site.
This Vision Plan for a 40-acre ecological reserve provides an opportunity to preserve and protect fragile habitat while connecting people to the environment through art. Conceived as a series of cinematic frames and progressions in the landscape, an environmental art sequence heightens people’s experience of: • the building techniques, habitats, and life cycles
of other species
• the phenomena and processes playing upon the
site’s diverse landscapes
• the water located in and around the Harbor
• ecological enhancements made to the site. The environmental art sequence includes outdoor rooms, pavilions, viewing platforms, pathways, and habitat enhancements.
Progressions of sculptural form echo the drama of nature’s cycles and phenomena: waves crashing, dunes migrating, water flowing, birds flying, and animals constructing. Working in tandem with natural cycles, these animated sculptural progressions yield a heightened experience of the site’s dynamism—triggering internal emotions and narratives.