Art Network Zones and Areas

This is a diagram showing the Art Network that is integrated throughout the entire Parkway as proposed by The Art Plan. Artwork will: 1) protect the environmental quality of the project area by minimizing impacts; 2) offer context sensitive design and solutions; 3) unify the project appearance within three zones: the urban, riparian, and prairie zones; and 4) provide appropriate design features- that reflect the identity of each area to heighten people’s experience. The Art Network further defines the Parkway’s character and context—the roadway, its infrastructure, processes, the Trinity River, adjacent neighborhoods, gateways, and trails—to unify and differentiate the experience of places and linkages. Together, the artworks yield an integrated sequence of concepts, processes, connections, and places that can be perceived at a variety of scales by people traveling in vehicles, on bicycles, and on foot. The Art Network orchestrates and adds meaning to the dynamics of flow inherent in development of the Parkway. It also addresses the transition from a developed to a more natural environment as one travels southwest and away from Fort Worth’s downtown area.