Statement – Art Plans

Lorna Jordan creates innovative plans that connect communities to places, processes, and events. Her plans have encompassed a variety of contexts including: an inner city, a regional water supply and drainage system, an ecological reserve, a downtown river system, a thirteen-mile parkway, and an entire county. She creatively considers the aesthetic potential of complex infrastructure systems as well as buildings and outdoor spaces.

Lorna is particularly adept at planning for artworks that incorporate sustainable strategies. Lorna believes a successful art planning process begins with strong research. She immerses herself in a place – its physical and historical characteristics; its narratives; and its systems. She listens carefully to community aspirations and has the ability to quickly interpret a variety of background materials such as architectural drawings, planning studies, and reports.

After synthesizing her research, Lorna develops compelling conceptual frameworks and art networks that contextualize and locate projects. She recommends works that are more than objects – they are ideas, places, and actions. Lorna enjoys the collaborative process and has been both planning team leader and planning team member. She has extensive experience working with diverse groups including agencies, communities, artists, interdisciplinary teams, and funders. She works well with others to develop diverse art programs for both large and intimately scaled art projects.

Her interdisciplinary background, her artmaking practice, her ability to think at a large scale, her strong conceptual skills, and her experience as an arts commissioner all contribute to Lorna’s ability to create innovative plans for diverse contexts. She received a 2004 Place Planning Award from “Places Journal” and the Environmental Design Research Association for her work as team leader on Broward County’s “Theater of Regeneration” art plan and a national ASLA Planning Honor Award as a team member for Seattle’s “Blue Ring” open space strategy.